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We are Tempered Coffee…

Tempered Coffee provides an environmentally friendly pouch filled with high-quality coffee that you can temper in hot water to brew a delicious cup no matter where you are. These single-serve bags are manufactured in Richmond, Virginia. We provide good coffee in hard places with little waste.

About Us

We are two coffee obsessed individuals who are trying to solve the problem in their own lives of enjoying good coffee in hard places with little waste. Hard places includes camping trips, bad coffee at work, Saturday mornings on the soccer field, travel, hotels, music venues, and many more.

We found that current disposable single serve coffee options are some combination of weak flavor, bad flavor, complicated to use, or generate too much plastic waste.

We provide the best flavor by sourcing our beans from a regional roaster who has been honing their craft for years.

With our product, brewing a cup of coffee is as simple as tempering a bag in hot water for 5-7 minutes. No machines needed.

From our coffee pouch, to the envelope our product is shipped in, we source the most environmentally friendly materials on the marketplace.



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